INTRODUCING… Leadership AlleKiski Strong

We are proud to announce that the Leadership Alle Kiski Valley program will now be a part of the Chamber! With a new name, Leadership Alle Kiski Strong (LAKS) is ramping up to launch our first class in September of this year. We are in need of speakers, venues, and sponsors for this amazing opportunity to grow leaders that succeed in our companies and our communities.

The LAKV program is now Leadership Alle Kiski Strong (LAKS)!

community leader is someone who is perceived to represent the community’s interests and plays a role in protecting them.

Community leaders have a vast range of roles that range from mobilizing communities for a common cause to designing courses of action to overcome common challenges.

This community-based leadership program builds skills and supports the development of emerging leaders through a series of seminars, workshops and a local project. The programs seek individuals who want to improve their community

LAKS is committed to cultivating diverse community leaders who are driven to make a positive difference with purposeful engagement and values-driven leadership. By nurturing the skills and experiences of emerging leaders and renewing the energy and commitment of experienced leaders, our program helps people take part in the change they wish to see in their community.

LAKS combines individual development with community engagement, emphasizing leadership traits that are valuable in both community and professional settings. Each LAKS session connects participants with top decision makers and includes access to best-in-class community assets.